What Baby Snail is doing for school work – Overview

By Mama Snail

To give some context to this post, I’m writing this in 2016 – when my baby is still under a year old and we’re five years or so from our expected departure date.

In a nutshell, here are the various subjects and what I’m using for each:

  • Literature: Tapestry of Grace
  • Science: Apologia and Answers in Science
  • Bible: Tapestry of Grace, Sonlight, Inductive Studies for kids, and just a children’s Bible to read and discuss with
  • Art: Artistic Pursuits, Tapestry of Grace
  • Writing/Grammar: Sonlight, Easy Grammar, BJU – Year 4, Classic Composition, Tapestry of Grace, Growing with Grammar
  • Spelling: Sequential Spelling
  • Math: Singapore Math, Teaching Textbooks
  • Geography: Tapestry of Grace
  • Other: Free On-line programs for typing, Snap Circuit kit for electronics, Various music appreciation (a variety of music to listen to), Piano keyboard for learning to make music (if we manage to figure out how to take it with us in the RV), cooking, Bible memory work, Copywork for handwriting, Rosetta Stone Foreign Language, PE will be variable (lots of walking, playgrounds, and baseball with his dad… we’ll see about more later), Government is Tapestry of Grace and a “For Dummies” book, Economics and Health are still unknown.

Obviously, looking at the above list, this is an overview of an entire 12-yr program (I’m certainly not planning to do every type of Grammar program in one year!). Some things, like Government, may not happen at all since that would probably be a high school class (which we are considering doing in a more traditional way). But, for now, this is the plan.

I’ve been excited to homeschool since before I became pregnant. Before I got married or even met my future husband, in fact! There was no question in my mind that homeschooling was the way to go. However, it’s taken a long while to settle on a program (or several), and I’m still not 100% sure I’m happy with every choice. If I’d imagined Road-schooling as an option several years ago, I probably would have dedicated more of my money towards digital books rather than physical ones, but overall, I’m pretty happy with what we’ve got planned.


RV Systems

Just like a normal house – often called a sticks and bricks by those on the go, many RVs will contain a series of different systems, many with their associated subsystems.  The most common systems are:

  • Water
  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Mechanical systems:
    • Hydraulic systems
    • Suspension systems
    • Slide out mechanisms

In addition to these common systems, RVs that have been either designed or modified for full time living may add an additional system or two:

  • Communications
  • Internal networking

The various systems of an RV must withstand the rigor of driving down the interstate at 65 MPH in addition to gravel roads, potholes, and sudden stopping due to the idiot in the other vehicle.  Therefore, an RV and its systems and subsystems must be built to withstand this rigor.

RV Classifications

There are multiple types of RV classifications out there. We will look at the various classifications in a series of posts.  In addition, we will look at several examples of each type of RV for a comparison of low, middle, and high price points.

  • Class A Motorhome
  • Class B Motorhome
  • Class C Motorhome
  • Pop up trailer
  • Expandable trailer
  • Travel trailer
  • 5th Wheel